Enjoy a relaxing, sensitive, sensual touch - time to do nothing, just be yourself, flow in your world, catch a good vibe which will last for days... come have your tantric massage treatment.

come to charge your "batteries"

About the therapist

Hello there!

I have been doing massages for more than ten years, certified since 2012 and I have various and international experience in the practice. 

Always being into 360° health approach, my sessions are something else than just a massage. Fulfilling the idea of balancing the mind-body-spirit, my sessions often turn into an unusual and uplifting experience, which will make you feel just great and as re-born (or at least younger:).

Why Massage "Art"?

When you experience something wonderful and transforming, maybe because you saw a breathtaking natural scenario or heard touching music or lyrics, something changes inside yourself for the better. When you close your eyes, the reflection of that beauty stays inside you for a while. And in my massage, full of delicious touches, which will make you feel like melting, you can feel this inner shift as if you had just been in a concert of your own life and you indulge in the beauty of it...  That's why I consider my massage an art. But most important is that it will make you feel very well.

Looking forward to seeing you and feeling you,

Your massage artist 

Magdalena  🙌

touch of mystery
touch of mystery
love and acceptance
love and acceptance
feel connection and inner growth
feel radiant inside out
feel radiant inside out
      feel yourself
feel yourself
relaxation massage
relaxation massage
release tension from your body and relax your mind - antistress effects
tantric experience
tantric experience
feel connected by a loving touch and embrace - very complex effects on body and mind

Welcome to the world of loving touch!

Here you can find that deep relaxation and connection, which is nowadays so much missing and needed 

We are dedicated to help you find your inner peace and relax your body.

Our method reaches from body-work and massage to verbal or spiritual therapy. You can experience physical and emotional recovery through healing touch and/or words.

Contact us to book a session

Verbal therapy or guided emotional freedom technique (EFT) is possible at the distance as well, over a video channel or phone. 

Massage is a physical experience and therefore you would meet her for that. Normally that takes place in a massage studio, but you can discuss an outcall as well.

How does it go?

Before the massage, you sit down together and talk about your physical and mental state, so the therapist understands your situation.

Then you take a shower and the session full of healing touch can start: read more         

In her massage, you can enjoy complete relaxation and refreshment through her loving touch.

Drop the daily rush and reconnect with yourself in the oasis of peace.

Her treatment can be a beautiful, healing and uplifting experience for you.

You will feel a very pleasant change of yourself for the better which will last for the following days or weeks.


11.05.2022 09:38

     Hi there, Magda! I still have a vivid memory of our last session - you gave me a unforgettable experience and transported me from hell to heaven. Love from me to you!


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18.09 | 20:32


I would like to have a tantra massage appointment for 90 minutes.

12.03 | 13:39

Hi I am 65 year old man, want real tantric massage. I know about tantric wisdom and love its lifestyle. Do you have time for me this weekend

21.01 | 01:36

Hi there! I’d like to book a relaxing massage. Anything available after 26th? Thanks!

11.05 | 09:38

Hi there, Magda! I still have a vivid memory of our last session - you gave me a unforgettable experience and transported med from hell to heaven. Love from me to you!

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