relaxation massage

relaxation massage

Do you feel tired, stressed or lacking energy? 
Do you simply need a moment for yourself?

It´s time to get your very pleasant refreshing massage!

You can book an appointment by email or text/call at (+420) 774 574 999 and relax soon :)





60 mins

900 czk (35 €)


90 mins

1400 czk (55 €)

Deep tissue (sporty)

60 mins

1150 czk (45 €)

Pregnancy or Baby massage

60 mins

900 czk (35 €)

Antistress - a MUST HAVE

60 mins

1000 czk (40 €)

You can choose from a whole body or partial massage (for example just back and neck, head and face or whatever you prefer).

Generally, the massage is always relaxing and helps you to release stress and tension from both your body and mind.

The difference is in the way I work with you:

The classical relaxation massage is relieving and very pleasant,

in deep tissue massage I work harder on your sored muscles and you relax as well, 

honey massage has deeper purifing and detoxifying effects.

You can get also a special massage for mothers-to-be and babies



19.09.2018 05:28

I'm in Prague for a holiday and looking for a massage to book. Do you do hotel visits? Can you provide details I'm staying at the hotel trevi



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18.09 | 20:32


I would like to have a tantra massage appointment for 90 minutes.

12.03 | 13:39

Hi I am 65 year old man, want real tantric massage. I know about tantric wisdom and love its lifestyle. Do you have time for me this weekend

21.01 | 01:36

Hi there! I’d like to book a relaxing massage. Anything available after 26th? Thanks!

11.05 | 09:38

Hi there, Magda! I still have a vivid memory of our last session - you gave me a unforgettable experience and transported med from hell to heaven. Love from me to you!

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