⭐ 90 mins

⭐ 60 mins

⭐ 2 hours

⭐ extra 30'

⭐ Kom og snakk og preps: 30 minutter gratis

⭐ Du betaler bare for tidspunktet for selve økten

⭐ Akseptert: kontanter, kort, krypto

⭐ Come & go talk and preps: 30 minutes free of charge
⭐ You are paying just for the time of the session itself
⭐ Accepted: cash, card, crypto

Latest comments

18.09 | 20:32


I would like to have a tantra massage appointment for 90 minutes.

12.03 | 13:39

Hi I am 65 year old man, want real tantric massage. I know about tantric wisdom and love its lifestyle. Do you have time for me this weekend

11.05 | 09:38

Hi there, Magda! I still have a vivid memory of our last session - you gave me a unforgettable experience and transported med from hell to heaven. Love from me to you!

21.01 | 01:36

Hi there! I’d like to book a relaxing massage. Anything available after 26th? Thanks!

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